Calling All Businesses In South Africa

 Calling All Businesses In South Africa

Wanting To Grow Post The Past Two Difficult Pandemic Years

In the last decade, despite a general global trade decline, Pakistan has seen its exports grow
by a massive 11.7 % on year-to-year basis. Figures that show the country is serious about
increasing its footprint and bringing business to other countries.

The Government of Pakistan launched “Look Africa” Policy in 2017 to enhance economic
focus on African countries, and has previously taken the annual Pakistan-Africa Trade
Development Conference & Single Country Exhibition
to Kenya and Nigeria, with South
Africa being the third country to be chosen to host this event. This year the Government of
Pakistan is targeting the entire SADC region. The Single Country Exhibition, with 140
exhibitors from 16 different sectors, is scheduled for 30 November and 1 st December 2022
at Exhibition Hall 2, Sandton Convention Centre Johannesburg.

Judging by the highly successful events in Nairobi and Lagos in 2020 and 2021 respectively,
where significant partnerships, trade agreements and economic ties were formed, this
year’s event at the Sandton Conference Centre is not to be missed. At the last event in
Nigeria, over 93 MOUs were signed with businesses, generating USD 32 million in business.

For any SME, corporate, entrepreneur or government from around the SADC region looking
to find new partners, products, suppliers and technologies to expand their growth, this is a
rare opportunity to view the multiple sectors of Pakistan’s many sectors of business and
manufacturing. Goods on display range from kitchen and household items to IT,
construction to agriculture, food and spices to surgical instruments and pharmaceuticals.
And above all, to do lucrative deals and get valuable distribution rights for South African
businesses to grow even further.

On display will be multiple sectors of their own manufacturing industries exhibiting their
finest products, technologies and equipment and hundreds of international brands, many
never seen before in SA.

“Africa, particularly the SADC and SACU regions, are important partners in this growth, and
exhibitors are keenly anticipating the opportunity to show what they can offer our region,”
says Humaira Israr, Trade & Investment Attaché of Pakistan to South Africa.

The many industries that will be represented at this event include their highly advanced
pharmaceutical businesses with their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and vast
electronic, engineering, textile, agricultural, food, building, automobile, IT and sporting